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**UPDATE** Sulpice Chocolat is Now Fair Trade!!!



Sulpice Chocolat’s Commitment to a Sustainable Global Economy: Ethical Practices in Cacao Sourcing


Sulpice Chocolat strives to create the world’s best chocolate. Part of our promise to you is to produce chocolate from beans that are sourced globally for their quality and sustainability.  Because of our commitment to the global economy, we choose to work only with suppliers that source cacao from areas that uphold human rights and maintain fair treatment and safety of all workers throughout all stages of the chocolate production.  We expect our suppliers to uphold these same standards and to monitor their vendors for fair and ethical treatment of everyone involved in the supply chain and for compliance to the laws and regulations.

As part of the global marketplace, we feel very strongly that we must do our part. With that belief in hand, we focus our efforts towards the creation of a socially responsible and sustainable chocolate bar that is not only held to the highest standards through the supply chain but tastes truly delicious as well.

Sulpice Chocolat is committed to protecting human rights and makes every effort to create chocolate bars that assist in the growth of a sustainable global economy through the ethical sourcing of cacao.