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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:   How do you pronounce "Sulpice"?    

A:   This has been one of our most asked questions since we started making sweet treats.  Say “Sul” as in rhymes with “gull” and “peace”. 

Q:   What is the best temperature to serve Sulpice chocolate bars? 

A:  Sulpice Chocolat sweet treats are best served at room temperature. This allows the full flavor and bouquet of the chocolate to come through. 

Q:   What does “% cacao” mean?    

A:   This measurement indicates how much cocoa content is in the chocolate.  Since unsweetened cacao is very bitter this number also relates to the relative sweetness of the chocolate. So, a chocolate with a very high percent cacao is also more bitter where a more moderate percent is typically sweeter.  

Q:   Are any of your products dairy-free?  Are they Vegan chocolates?   

A:   Yes!  All of our dark chocolate bars are dairy-free and our dark chocolate is vegan..  

Q:   Are your products gluten-free?    

A:   Yes!  All of our chocolate is gluten-free.

Q:   Are any of your products organic?    

A:   Not yet, but we are working on creating a new line of organic chocolate bars.              

Q:   Are any of your products kosher?    

A:   Yes! We are OU-D certified.                   

Q:   Do you wholesale?    

A:   We offer special wholesale options to qualified retailers and distributors.  Contact us at info (at)              

Q:   Didn’t find the answer to your question?    

A: Email us at info (at)            
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