Our Giveback

We are a proud supporter of Common Threads

“Common Threads believes cooking is a life skill. Through hands-on cooking programs and nutrition education, Common Threads provides a preventative health program solution in urban schools to children, families, and teachers in underserved communities.”

The Problem:

"Low-income neighborhoods may lack convenient, affordable choices for fresh family-friendly food. When it’s easier and cheaper to pick up a meal at a drive-through than it is to trek out of the neighborhood to a grocery store for cost-prohibitive fruits and vegetables, the choice of what to serve for dinner has been made for you. Additionally, low-income neighborhoods often lack safe spaces for kids to run and play. Low-income families also experience high levels of stress and harmful cycles of food deprivation and overeating. This combination of factors puts low-income children at particular risk for obesity and the health problems associated with it."

"Founded by Chef Art Smith and artist Jesus Salgueiro in 2003, Common Threads grew out of the belief that family and food have the power to nurture and strengthen us, to connect us to culture and community, and to teach and excite us about our world."

"By sharing the delight of cooking and delicious recipes, in conjunction with practical life-skills in health and nutrition, Common Threads can change lives."