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How to Select the Best Dark Chocolate Bars

With so many different types of dark chocolate bars on the market how do you know which is the best chocolate? That is the question I want to help answer and for more information please visit my blog posting, 6 Tips for Selecting the Best Dark Chocolate Bars. First of all you must remember that chocolate is a uniquely personal experience and identifying the best dark chocolate is something that you can not learn by reading. It is something that must be learned through living the experience - though I doubt many people will have trouble with this.

Among the most ibuy chocolate onlinemportant things to keep in mind is the percent cacao.  This percent tells exactly how much cocoa content (chocolate liquor and cocoa butter) is in the actual chocolate.  This is a highly personal preference as the higher the percentage of cocoa content in the bar the more intense and possibly bitter the flavor.  

Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not there are any hydrogenated oils/trans fats or vegetable oils in the chocolate.  In recent years, the cosmetic industry has been buying cocoa butter effectively increasing demand. This has caused the price of cocoa butter to sky rocket.  To combat this increase in price many chocolate manufacturers have started using alternatives such as vegetable oils and hydrogenated oils.  This negatively affects the chocolate's quality, taste and nutrition.  The best chocolate makers will not have these ingredients in any of their products and this is something that we, at Sulpice Chocolat, firmly believe in.