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Gluten-Free Chocolate Bars

Gluten Free Chocolate BarsIt seems like the number of people with a sensitivity to gluten has been growing these days.  However, its usually difficult for people with celiac disease or those of us looking to limit our gluten intake to determine whether or not a product contains the offensive ingredient. So, we want to let everyone know that all of the chocolate bars that Sulpice Chocolat makes are gluten-free chocolate bars . In fact, there are no wheat, barley, rye or oat products on site. So, all sensitive tummies out there can rest easy knowing that neither our dark chocolate bars nor our milk chocolate bars will upset them.   

So, whether you want to try something exotic like our Chai milk chocolate bars or something a bit more traditional like our dark chocolate bars with a hint of mint or our Amande milk chocolate bar with pink Himalayan sea salt and toasted almonds, Sulpice Chocolat has a gluten-free chocolate bar just for you!