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Founder/Head Chocolatier - Chef Anne Shaeffer

Growing up in the candy mecca of the world, Chicago, IL, chocolate is something that has always been on my mind.  However, it took me a long time before I realized my calling. In fact, I already had two successful careers on opposite sides of the spectrum. I was first an artist and then I worked in finance. As I said, completely opposite sides of the spectrum, but when you think about it they sort of work well together.  It was my strong background in art that gave me the idea to make beautiful hand-painted chocolate bars and it was my career in finance that helped me realize that achieving my dreams could be possible.

So, I had an idea but how do I go ahead and move forward?  Well, I decided to enroll in the world renowned French Pastry School.  This is where I learned all about chocolate!  How to temper it, mold it, and flavor it along with how to make tasty truffles and other scrumptious candies.  Needless to say pastry school was amazing! After graduating I was lucky enough to work at several of the world's finest restaurants.  I also had a stint at Chicago’s very own Cakegirls where I learned how to make the most beautiful cakes that I have ever seen under the tutelage of Food Network Challenge undefeated cake designer and Last Cake Standing Season 1 winner Mary Maher.  While working at these restaurants, I developed a keen sense of flavor profiles and how different combinations work together to create a truly indulgent experience.  When you taste a Sulpice Chocolat chocolate bar, it is truly an experience. Depending on which decadent bar you start with, the flavors pop in your mouth creating a total sensory explosion that changes depending on where the chocolate and or spices hits your tongue as you eat it.

Armed with this new found knowledge, it became time for me to listen to my calling and start Sulpice Chocolat.  It was around this time that I met and started dating my husband, Bill Shaeffer. Together we are building the company, making amazing chocolate and having a ton of fun doing it. In fact, we were even recognized by the GRAMMYs when we were in their gift bags as well as in each of the performers’ green rooms!