Our Story

Better Bites: healthier candy co-founderHi, my name is Anne, and I'm a chocolatier. Inspired by our two children, my husband Bill and I founded Sulpice Chocolate. It's a personally developed line of healthy candy, sweet treats, chocolate bars, and healthy snacks made with quality ingredients and distinctive flavors.

Our chocolate is fair trade, non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and of course, there is nothing artificial.  Plus, proceeds from every sale benefit a non-profit committed to giving children a better future.

Our first line, Sulpice Artful Chocolate: hand-painted chocolate bars, is beautiful inside and out. It's how we create chocolate and art that's so much more. Then, as our children grew, nutrition took on a whole new meaning and healthy candy and healthier snacks became important to us. So we began sneaking in some good stuff whenever possible. 

Better Bites: healthier candy co-founderOur latest line, Better Bites candy, has the same delicious Sulpice taste with added protein, fiber, and chia & flaxseed for omega-3 benefits. Plus it has less sugar than the other guys. It's better for your body and better tasting than you ever thought possible.  

After all, if our toddler loves them, then you know they're good!