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Chocolate and Salt

Chocolate and salt is a match made in taste bud heaven.  When prepared properly, it creates a multi-faceted flavor of the two opposing, yet compl...

Salted Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Pairing chocolate and salt has become more and more common lately and it may be partly because of how the salt rounds out the sweetness of chocolate. What I do know is that I love a bright hint of salt in many chocolate treats - which may be evident by the fact that I put salt in our Amande milk chocolate bars.  The recipe that follows was inspired by a recipe from Food & Wine magazine.


Featured Milk Chocolate Candy Bar: Amande - Our Salted Almond Chocolate Bar

Today we want to feature our Amande milk chocolate bar.  Its delicious! We start by toasting hand selected almonds to bring out their nuttiness and then we add a touch of pink Himalayan sea salt.  This amazing combination works perfectly together to satisfy both our sweet tooth and our desire for something a little salty and is slightly reminiscent of the delicious chocolate covered pretzels we had as kids.