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Gourmet Chocolate Blog

Gluten-Free Basics: Gluten, the Market, and your Dessert

When it comes to chocolate, it’s gluten-free. However, many chocolates are not safe for those with celiac because some of the additives in chocolate are not gluten-free. Even though some chocolate products do not have gluten products in them, they might be processed in places that processed gluten products which can cross-contaminate into the chocolate. Although we at Sulpice Chocolat add ingredients to enhance our chocolate bars’ taste, those ingredient are gluten-free and out chocolates are crafted in machinery that was not used for products containing gluten. Not only are our chocolate bars gluten-free our dark chocolate bars are also vegan.

The Savory Side of Chocolate and a Tasty Recipe for Short Ribs

Brownies. Truffles. Cakes. Cupcakes. Chocolate is the epitome of desserts and all things sweet. However, this rich ingredient wasn’t al...

Chocolate and Culture: Chocolate Website

We at Sulpice Chocolat lead two lives.  On one hand we are the incarnation of Vianne Rocher from the 2000 movie Chocolat, handcrafting perfect chocolate treats day and night.

Chocolate Trend Monday: Aerated Chocolate Bars

We at Sulpice Chocolat want to dedicate each Monday to an interesting trend in chocolate and desserts.  This is the first of the series, aerated chocolate bars. 

Ganache: A Must-Have Recipe for Dessert Lovers

Ganache is a must-have in any chocolate-lover’s arsenal of delectable recipes. One of the most versatile ingredients in desserts, ganache is found on truffles, éclairs, cakes, cookies and almost anything you can think of putting chocolate in. The things you can do with ganache are endless; it truly is a platform for creativity. Surprisingly, the components of ganache remain the same regardless of its use: cream and premium quality chocolate. But how can one recipe become a smooth, liquid coating for cakes and a soft, spreadable core for a chocolate truffle?

A Fresh Twist on Chocolate Éclairs

When one thinks of French pastry, it’s impossible to think of éclairs. These log-shaped pastries filled with rich custard and topped with a decadent chocolate ganache have been around since the nineteenth century. Most of us know what an éclair looks and tastes like but it shrouded in mystery. First, no one knows for sure how these sweet pastries came about. However, historians speculate that a French pastry chef by the name of Marie-Antoine Carême first concocted éclairs.

The Perfect Chocolate Martini

My absolute favorite martini (for the moment) is made with vodka, Bailey’s, and Amaretto.  I always thought that combining two things that delicious (Bailey’s and Amaretto) would defy some law of the universe and create a rip in the space time continuum.  I had a sip of their German chocolate martini last night, and that may put it in serious competition next week.  

Anyway, now that I’ve tasted the sweet, chocolatey nectar of the martini gods, I want to make my own.  I’ve found a few chocolate martini recipes on the web that sound fantastic. 

Chocolate Dipped Beef Jerky

 If you are anything like me than you are always looking to try new and exciting things.  I recently decided to make my own homemade version of beef jerky and I couldn't believe the difference between my homemade version and the stuff you find in stores. This jerky was so rich with flavor and tempting that my family and I ate the entire batch the evening that I made it and trust me, we had no regrets about doing it either.  However, the whole time I was eating it I couldn't help but think how delicious this version would be if it was dipped in chocolate! So, with a little tweaking I came up with the following recipe for chocolate dipped beef jerky.  Can you think of a more incredible do-it-yourself idea for dad this Father's Day? The following recipe is compliments of Sulpice Chocolat

The Great Willy Wonka Debate

Today, June 6th, 2011, is the anniversary of the opening of the first drive-in movie theater!  So we wanted to write something about film. We at Sulpice Chocolat have decided to answer a question that's been debated for the last 5 years, which Willy Wonka film is better.  Keep in mind this is a purely subjective piece and not based on which one portrayed the book better (I’ve read that it’s the 2005 version).  I feel like there’s more to say and debate in this than I have written, so comment with your opinion and we can discuss! 

Chocolate Ice Cream

What better way to enjoy the hot summer days than with a bowl of cold and delicious ice cream? This popular dessert originated all the way back to the Roman Emperor Nero in 4th century B.C. He commanded to have ice brought down from mountain tops and combined it with honey and fruits to produce a refreshing treat. Centuries later, ice cream became the creamier dessert more similar to the modern day ice cream thanks to 7th century Chinese royals.  When this cool dessert was brought over to Europe from China, it kept its affiliation with royalty as Italian and French royal courts enjoyed it as both a delicious and stylish dessert. Ice cream has come a long way from Emperor Nero’s version and, in the 20th century, ice cream flavors started booming and more exotic flavors came into being. 

Brownie S’mores

Nothing says summer more than making s'mores, but sometimes that craving hits you when you are nowhere near a campsite. What can you do? Well, Sulpice Chocolat has the perfect solution! Try making these amazing brownie s'mores.  The inspiration for this recipe comes from Melanie Barnard at the Cooking Club of America.  However, we used our tried and true recipe for chocolate brownies.  Its so simple, yet this recipe will inspire and delight family and friends of all ages or you can keep them to yourself.  We won't tell. 

Sulpice Chocolat Goes to the GRAMMYs

We at Sulpice Chocolat are proud to be featured in the 2011 GRAMMYs Gift Bags and the artist dressing rooms! The biggest names in music will be receiving an assortment of our hand-painted chocolate bars and a special limited edition sipping chocolate with 23 karat gold. Watch the 2011 GRAMMYs on CBS on Sunday, February 13.