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Chocolate and Culture: Chocolate Website

We at Sulpice Chocolat lead two lives.  On one hand we are the incarnation of Vianne Rocher from the 2000 movie Chocolat, handcrafting perfect chocolate treats day and night.
In our other lives, we are active members of the 20th century and our culture.  So we decided to combine our passion with an exploration of our culture, by looking at other, interesting places chocolate has made its mark.

Drinking beer is a world-wide pastime, called by some the “oldest drink in the world”.  Chocolate, as we know it, may have a shorter history, but it is a cultural staple.  Both are as essential to American culture as baseball.  Recent years have seen the marriage of chocolate and beer, a match made in cultural heaven.    

Sagres beer of Portugal takes this marriage of beer and chocolate to a new aesthetic and cyber level, promoting their new chocolate beer with a chocolate website.  Note, we said chocolate, not chocolate themed. The website was created from pictures of actual chocolates.  Everything from the background to the wording is chocolate.  The clickable chocolates also break as the pointer hovers above them.  Needless to say, we are impressed.  And hungry.  Mid-day Moka bar break, methinks. buy chocolate bars online

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