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The Perfect Chocolate Martini

I used to have a stigma against martinis.  I always imagined that the liquid with the green olive suspended in the middle tasted like vodka and sea water.  However, I’ve recently started drinking modern takes on martinis and now Wednesdays nights at Blue Line Lounge and Grill off of the Damen Blue Line in Chicago is a few friends and my regular martini night.  They have 32 types of martinis ($5 on Wednesdays), including chocolate martinis, which I am happy to report, are the best drinks on earth.  Ever.

buy dark chocolate bars onlineMy absolute favorite martini (for the moment) is made with vodka, Bailey’s, and Amaretto.  I always thought that combining two things that delicious (Bailey’s and Amaretto) would defy some law of the universe and create a rip in the space time continuum.  I had a sip of their German chocolate martini last night, and that may put it in serious competition next week.  

Anyway, now that I’ve tasted the sweet, chocolatey nectar of the martini gods, I want to make my own.  I’ve found a few chocolate martini recipes on the web that sound fantastic.  

Martini Fun Fact:

There is a debate among martini connoisseurs and biochemists who study alcohol (presumably the best and least productive job ever) whether shaking or stirring affects the taste of the drink.  However, most casual martini drinkers think martinis ought to be shaken not stirred, but not because any study has proven benefits to shaking, but because that’s the way James Bond ordered his martini.

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Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Martini:
I’ve had Bailey’s in almost anything you could put it in: martinis, coffee, cakes, ice cream, bread pudding, etc...  Bailey’s is the all spice of rich desserts (except fruit pies, that would be weird).  Mint adds an extra special kick of taste bud ecstasy to an already delightful treat.  

2 ounces Mint Bailey's Irish Cream
½ ounce Vanilla Vodka
2 sprigs of Fresh Mint
Chocolate Stick or Syrup  

Coconut-Cherry Chocolate Martini
The triple C’s of dessert flavors. Yum
½ ounce chocolate liqueur
½ ounce coconut rum (suggestion: Parrot Bay Coconut Rum)
½ ounce cherry-flavored Vodka
¼ ounce of chocolate shavings

Chocolate Espresso Martini
1 ½ ounce Absolut Vanilla Vodka
¼ ounce Kahlua liqueur
½ ounce Crème de Cacao, Dark
1 ounce Espresso

More Martini Fun Facts:

  • Traditional martinis are made with gin and vermouth, garnished with lemon peel or an olive.
  • The stem of the martini glass was introduced so that the drinker’s hand wouldn’t touch the glass containing the liquid because the heat from the hand would make the drink go flat.
  • According to Brainy Quote George Clooney once bought a piano so he could play “As Time Goes By” while a girl leaned against it drinking a martini.  I doubt this is true as George Clooney could go any place with a piano and say, “I want women with martinis to lean near this” and an army of women would appear at his command.  Then again, buying a piano for George Clooney is an expense comparable to buying a value-size frosty from Wendy’s for the rest of us.
  • P.J. O’Rourke, an American political satirist and author, said “Zen martini: A martini with no vermouth at all. And no gin, either.”  P.J O’Rourke has quickly become a drinker after my own heart.
  • Another American satirist, H.L Mencken called the martini "the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet." Eat your heart out, Shakespeare.


  • Will definitely be trying some of these recipes! great article.

  • Thanks! I’m really glad that you like them! P.S. I love your blog!

  • Chocolate martini sounds really sensational.

    Angie@Angie's Recipes

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