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Chocolate Wedding Favors

Weddings are joyous occasions for two people to profess their love for each other.  They’re also perfect moments for couples to share their love of chocolate with their loved ones and guests. Traditionally, wedding guests receive a small gift from the couple as a sign of appreciation. These wedding favors come in different forms such as personalized figurines, candles, or for the chocolate lover, chocolate!

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Over a century ago, wedding favors were usually non-edible keepsakes to serves as reminders of the wedding ceremony. Interestingly though, the first wedding favor was edible in part. Bonbonnieres (also spelled as bomboniere) were common wedding favors for European aristocrats. These favors were small decorated trinket boxes filled with delicate sweets or sugar cubes, a symbol of wealth. Later, sugar cubes were replaced with almonds.

Wedding favors nowadays follow suit. For chocolate-loving couples, wedding favors let them try their hands at creativity in presenting this sweet treat to celebrate an even sweeter moment in their lives.

A popular choice for wedding favors is customized chocolate candies such as Hershey’s Kisses, mini chocolate bars, or even mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Couples can choose to personalize the candy wrappers to include the date of their wedding day, their names, a symbol that means something special to both of them, or anything else they fancy.

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For something even sweeter, chocolate lovers can personalize the chocolate itself. M&Ms allows couples to design the M&M itself and change not only the color but the imprint on the candy itself. Chocolate treats such as squares, bon bons, or truffles can also be individually decorated with the couple’s choice of them. Divine Chocolate, a Maine-based company, also offers solid milk, dark, and white chocolate shaped into little wedding cakes—perfect for commemorating that special day.

 milk chocolate bars

But as there are many places and ways to celebrate a wedding, there are also many places and way to use chocolates as wedding favors. Why not try chocolate-dipped fortune cookies? These mouth-watering wedding favors can be placed inside translucent takeout cartons or tin cans with lid windows to please both sight and taste of wedding guests.


A classic symbol of the romance present in your wedding day is chocolate-covered strawberries. To go with the wedding theme, these Chocolate-dipped Tuxedo and Wedding Dress Strawberries will surely remind guests of that special day:

 chocolate covered strawberries


High quality strawberries, patted dry
6 oz. white chocolate
8 oz. dark chocolate

Parchment paper for piping


1.      Melt the white chocolate on a double boiler. Do the same with the dark chocolate on a separate bowl.
Fully dip the strawberries in the melted white chocolate and set aside until the chocolate sets.
Fold the parchment papers into cones to act as piping bags. Fills one bag with white chocolate and the other with dark chocolate. Snip the ends to allow for a very small opening.
For the wedding dress strawberries, pipe lines of white chocolate on diagonal angles from both sides.
For the tuxedos, dip the milk chocolate-covered strawberry in dark chocolate at angle on both sides. Use the piping bag filled with dark chocolate to pipe a bowtie and buttons.

These are all fun and creative ways to remind guests of your special day one sweet bite at a time.


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