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A Chocolate Memorial Day Celebration: ChocolateFest in Burlington, WI

Memorial Day honors the brave men and women who died in military service, protecting and fighting for the freedom we enjoy today. Americans all over the country commemorate this day through different activities such as visiting memorials, observing traditions, even car race events such as Indianapolis 500 and concerts such as The National Memorial Day Concert.

 But even chocolate lovers in celebrate Memorial Day with their own chocolate festival that stays true to the aspiration of giving back to the community just as the U.S. soldiers honored on this holiday. Every year, on Memorial Day weekend, chocolatiers and chocolate lovers gather in Burlington, WI (dubbed as “Chocolate City USA”) to celebrate the annual ChocolateFest.

 Much like the brave men and women who chose to protect this country and its people, participants of Burlington’s ChocolateFest are volunteers, coming together for a common cause: helping the community. ChocolateFest works with non-profit groups to host activities and sponsorships that generate money which goes back into the Burlington Community. Through the shared efforts of ChocolateFest, the non-profit groups, and their volunteers, about $1.7 million have been re-invested back into the community of Burlington, WI.

On Memorial Day weekend, chocolate lovers from the area comes to the ChocolateFest not only to volunteer for the sake of their community but also to enjoy the entertainment and activities offered. One of the most popular events during this weekend is the ChocolateFest chef demonstrations and a competition named “Chef Meltdown”: a competition fashioned after Food Network’s “Chopped”.

ChocolateFest caters to both young and old, offering the Chocolate Indulgence Wine Event where chocolate lovers can experience wine and chocolate pairings as well as beer tasting.

For the younger chocolate lovers, ChocolateFest holds the Kids Kanopy that hosts fun activities for kids such as chocolate Olympics for the family and chocolate eating contests.

Of course, ChocolateFest would not be complete with Burlington’s annual Memorial Day Parade that features military veterans, men and women who keep the community safe, as well as the various groups that participate in Burlington’s daily life.

All these festivities would not be made possible without the past and continued dedication of men and women from all parts of the country, giving their lives so that Americans, chocolate lovers or not, can enjoy the freedom that lets us celebrate these joyous occasions for many years to come.

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