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Mother’s Day Foodie Ideas for Families with Kids

Hey, dads! Looking for some fun foodie ideas to make Mother’s Day special for the lady in your life, but you want to do something with the kids as well?  Look no further.  We at Sulpice Chocolat have compiled a list of a few ideas that are fun for the kids and will make May 8th a very special day for a lucky mom.   


Cooking with Kids:

When I was a kid, I had my own cookbook filled with easy recipes made with common ingredients.  My parents treated my personal pizzas made with English muffins and jarred pizza sauce like they were the most delectable treats on the planet.  At the time I felt like a real chef, although my parents probably gritted their teeth through their smiles when I would walk out with a platter of burnt, soggy bread smothered in tomato sauce and told them they couldn’t leave the table without cleaning the plate.   Kids love cooking, but sometimes Mom and Dad’s taste buds suffer.  Instead, we combed the internet for easy, and most importantly tasty, kid friendly dishes.

Easy Kid Recipes provides a variety of easy recipes for common breakfast treats such as waffles and pancakes, as well as a few specialty treats such as banana crepes with Nutella (yum!) and homemade granola.
Healthy Crepes (for Kids to Make for Mother’s Day)

Oven-Baked French Toast

Breakfast Kid Recipes from That’s My Home.  Recipes include Eggs in a Frame Mickey Mouse Pancakes, Peanut Butter and Jelly Waffle Bites, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Breakfast Tacos, Mini-Crescent Sausage Links

A huge collection of kid friendly recipes from Disney Family Fun

Breakfast: The Good Ol’ Breakfast in Bed

This one’s simple.  Let mom sleep in while you and the kids make a delicious breakfast for her.  When she wakes up everyone gathers in her room with the homemade breakfast on a tray and wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day!

A Twist on Breakfast in Bed: Kids Make Their Own Restaurant:

Once I decided to make the kitchen a restaurant and made a menu of all the things I could cook.  I made my parents “order” their meal and sit at the table as I cooked it.  Most of the menu items were something “fettuccini alfredo” out of the Lean Cuisine frozen meal box or “chicken nuggets and fries” made in the microwave.  

The point is kids love to pretend to work in businesses they regularly encounter (this is why we have play cash registers, but not play cubicles).  They will love pretending to have their own restaurant and work there as chefs and waiters or waitresses. 

This project is great for families with multiple children who like doing different things and the project caters to individual interests.  If one child doesn’t like cooking they can be in charge of making sure mom has enough juice and entertaining her while the other children cook.  If one child is an artist, they can be put in charge of making and explaining the menu to mom and decorating the table (maybe with some flowers and a nice tablecloth).  If one child likes to cook, they can be the dad’s head helper.

If each child does something unique they can proudly tell mom their specific contribution to the restaurant.  To ensure that each child receives proper attention for their contributions, write each child’s specific task(s) at the bottom of the menu, so mom can thank each child for their individual contributions. 

Pulling this off is a bit of a time-commitment, that requires planning, preparation, and above all else cooperation.  However, you can turn this little restaurant into a weekend project if you are looking for something to do with the kids on Saturday.  Send Mom to the spa or off with her friends for lunch Saturday afternoon.  Since Mother’s Day is about spending time with Mom, Saturday could be a day for relieving Mom from her weekend-Mom duties.  She’ll appreciate the extra free time. 

Saturday should be the time for creating the menu and decorations for the restaurant.  Let your kids’ imaginations run wild. Let them come up with a silly name for their restaurant and add any creative and ridiculous dishes to their menu.  If they want to make a meal “bacon and ice cream” let them, but make sure to explain that Mom gets the final say in what she orders. 

If you’re not set on surprising mom, talk to her the night before and find out what she “ordering” so you can have ingredients prepared the night before without limiting what the children put on the “menu.”  This way the kids can be creative as they want and you will still have control over what the children cook and what ingredients you need. 

This project should spark creativity as well as give mom a unique, memorable Mother’s Day experience.  The kids also need to help get supplies for the project.  If the kids feel like the project is their own, those dreaded trips to the grocery store filled with moans of boredom, will suddenly become an exciting and interesting adventure in young entrepreneurship.


If it’s nice outside, take mom for a picnic!  Take her to a park that is relaxing and picturesque.  If you have children, you may want to find one that has a playground so that the children won’t take up all of mom’s attention and energy and give her space to enjoy the sun.  If mom and the children enjoy hiking you may want to take them to a state park with trails for exploration.  Or if they enjoy sports, take them to a park with a basketball hoop, tennis court, or trails for bike riding and rollerblading. 

Packing for picnics can be challenging, especially trying to satisfy the taste buds of young children.  Today should be about mom, so the picnic should include more than the typical PB & J with chips and juice that usually dominant the picnic menu.  If your kids are picky (and let’s face it, most kids are) you can pack kid-friendly food for them and have a special gourmet lunch for mom and you. 

I always recommend picnic lunches to be light and full of color, mom doesn’t want to be too full with hearty, heavy foods to play with the kids. 

Here are some recipes for light lunches that will be perfect picnic foods, make sure to look at serving sizes because many of these recipes serve 6-8 and adjust accordingly:



If it’s rainy or cold out Mother’s Day crafts are a fun way to spend some time together.  Here are some links to some activities that kids can do with or for mom:

Coloring Pages  

Mother’s Day Crafts from Danielle’s Place

Mother’s Day Crafts, Recipes, Games, and More from DLTK Crafts for Kids


Dinner should be an easy meal.  Since Mother’s Day is on a Sunday you don’t want to have too much to clean up in addition to getting the kids ready for bed and school the next day, but that doesn’t mean dinner shouldn’t be fun! 

One of my mom’s favorite things to do on Mother’s Day is get take out and watch a movie together.  It’s simple, it’s relaxing, and there’s barely anything to clean up. The hard part is finding a movie everyone (especially mom) will enjoy.  Mom may want to introduce the kids to movies before their time, here’s a list of “10 Classic Movies Your Whole Family Can Enjoy Together” (“classic” here means made before 1990).  Or for ideas for family friendly films check out IMDB’s top 50 family films.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and want to introduce the kids to something new, try chocolate fondue for dessert.  With a little supervision, chocolate fondue can be the delectable, perfect end to a wonderful Mother’s Day.    

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  • This puts a whole new spin on easy kids recipes. Love the idea of playing restaurant with mom for Mothers Day…that memory is worth more than any physical gift could. When I was young, I used to play restaurant with my cousins and we would make things like mac n’ cheese, fish sticks and canned soup. Never gets old!

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