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March Madness Snacks

Once the calendars turned over from February, many sports fans instantly turned their attention to college basketball and its annual March Madness. From the conference tournaments all the way through the Final Four, the attention of the nation's sports fan is attracted to the courts. What this also means is that March is a great snack month, in particular some good dark chocolate bars. Here at Sulpice Chocolat, we want you to enjoy your weekend afternoons with some of these delicious treats. So, why not try to wow your friends by whipping up a batch of some great March Madness inspired recipes.  

dark chocolate bars in brownies recipe

Salted Chocolate Brownies – Salt is added to the classic fudge brownie to really bring a deep flavor to the traditional dessert. The salt also makes these the perfect snack to transition from savory to sweet treats.

Chocolate Chai Tea – Unfortunately, for some of us March means that the weather still has not warmed up. This tea recipe will warm up even the chilliest March evenings. The smells and tastes of this wonderful drink really do make it a sensory experience.

Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches – Sometimes you just want to pig out, and these sandwiches let you do just that. This Elvis favorite is sure to be a hit amongst all of your friends. It is also a versatile treat. Try adding some homemade chocolate sauce to make it a sumptuous dessert!

Decadent Chocolate Cake – Decadent is truly the word to describe this cake from the Ritz-Carlton. The moistness of the cake combined with the intensity of the flavors can really make this the pinnacle of your March Madness treats. Just remember to make enough to have seconds!

dark chocolate bars in chocolate cake recipe 

These four recipes are simple but fantastic ways to treat your friends and family this month while enjoying the action on the hardwood. But no one would blame you if you made them all throughout the year as well. Enjoy the games everyone!

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