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A Cup of Classic Hot Chocolate is Good for the Soul


Authengood hot chocolatetic hot chocolate is made with nothing more than chopped up pieces of dark chocolate bars, milk and occasionally, sugar.  It is smooth, creamy and delicious and somehow it warms the soul in a way that nothing else can. Perhaps this is why hot chocolate has been considered a form of medicine for centuries. In fact, Victoria Moore, in How to Drink, says the drink is perfect "as a remedy for a dank, grey morning when the wind and drizzle seem to creep through the window frames into your skin".


This is something that I deeply believe and is why we are in the final development stage of creating our own line of Sulpice Chocolat Sipping Chocolate, but until then, just remember that the key to making your own truly soul satisfying hot chocolate drink is that you need to make it with pure chocolate and make sure that it is not to sweet. This is essential if you want to achieve that deeply soul-satisfying sense of peacefulness that only chocolate can give you.

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