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A New Year's Quiz: Test Your Eat-Q

The New Years is all about resolutions and every year it seems as though eating better and losing weight is at the top of most people's lists.  Well, the James Beard Foundation posted a great quiz about diets and weight loss throughout history.  Why not test your knowledge about dieting and food fads below and be sure to go to their website for the answers.

1.  The “Sleeping Beauty Diet,” which promised dieters weight loss after they’d slept for several days by means of heavy sedation, was tied to which celebrity?

A)  Jack Nicholson
B)  Diana Ross
C)  Elvis Presley
D)  Judy Garland

2.  In the early 20th century, Horace Fletcher became famous for his weight-loss technique of chewing each bite of food exactly how many times, then spitting out the remains?

A)  53 chews
B)  32 chews

C)  107 chews
D)  66 chews

3.  Three of these answers are bogus--but can you tell which one of these squirm-inducing diets was quite popular in the early 20th century?

A)  The leech diet    
B)  The maggot diet

C)  The beetle diet
D)  The tapeworm diet

4.  In the 11th century, French royal William the Conqueror battled weight gain by locking himself in his room and consuming only this:

A)  Pea soup

B)  Alcohol

C)  Lemons
D)  Buttermilk

5.  Well before the Atkins fad, this diet promoted the effects of an all-meat-and-fat diet, with less than 2 percent of calories coming from fruit, vegetables, and other carbs:

A)  The Survivor’s diet

B)  The Yukon diet

C)  The Inuit diet

D)  The Ancient diet

6.    Followers of this diet ate dozens of this nontraditional edible every day, which are filling but low in calories:

A)  The Kleenex diet
B)  The cotton ball diet
C)  The q-tip diet
D)  The tissue paper diet

7.    The inventor of which popular snack food, believing that gluttony lead to sexual promiscuity and moral corruption, advocated a bland diet of vegetables and whole wheat flour?

A)  Graham crackers
B)  Triscuits
C)  Granola bars
D)  Rice cakes

8.    In 1857, Swedish doctor Gustav Zander invented this machine to help slim waistlines:

A)  A roll-on fat-blasting deodorant
B)  A portable weight-lifting machine
C)  A pressurized corset
D)  A belt-driven vibrating fat massager

9.    According to its manufacturers, which “ancient Chinese” product penetrates skin and breaks down fat, increases metabolism, and reduces cellulite?

A)  Seaweed soap
B)  Oolong tea lotion
C)  Preserved bamboo oil
D)  Jasmine-infused bath salts

10.    In 1988, Oprah Winfrey displayed a wagon filled with 67 lbs of fat on her talk show, representing the weight she had lost using which dieting plan?

A)  Optifast
B)  SlimFast
C)  Weight Watchers
D)  The Master Cleanse

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