Featured Milk Chocolate Candy Bar: Noisette - Our Caramelized Hazelnut Bar

Today we want to feature the Sulpice Chocolat Noisette milk chocolate bar.  Made with the Belgian chocolate, this is one of the best milk chocolate bars out there.  We begin by lightly roasting hazelnuts to bring out there natural nuttiness. Then we add just enough pure caramel to cover the hazelnuts and enhance their warm praline flavor.  Then we mix in the perfect amount to balance the creaminess of our signature milk chocolate with the sweet crunchiness of the hazelnuts.  After trying this candy bar you will know why adding caramelized hazelnuts with chocolate is such a classic flavor in confections.

milk chocolate bars 

To finish this gourmet chocolate bar we add a light spray of bright golden yellow to each bar giving the appearance of an edible bar of gold - the ultimate luxury.

We invite you to try this delightful milk chocolate bar and see for yourself.

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