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The Chocolate Daisy: A Chocolate Scented Flower

I came across this beautiful chocolate flower, also called chocolate daisy, the other day.  It is a beautiful little flower with bright yellow petals and a pretty little brown center, but what is truly amazing is that it smells strongly of chocolate!  Also, it appears that chocoholics aren't the only ones drawn to these flowers as their scent seems to attract butterflies which makes it a perfect addition to anyone's backyard butterfly garden.

This little guy is a perennial flower that grows up to about two feet high. Because of its tendency to droop when temperatures are warm they are best viewed in the morning before it gets too hot.  However, these chocolate daisies are hardy enough to recover nightly after the temperature drops again. 

The chocolate daisy is native to the southwestern United States, but it grows well in home gardens which makes it an ideal addition to any chocoholic's garden.  Of course, you can't make chocolate from this flower, but its delightful aroma and bright look makes it very welcoming. 

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