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Featured Dark Chocolate Candy Bar: Menthe - Our Mint Chocolate Bar

Today we want to feature our Menthe bar. It is a delicious dark chocolate candy bar with a bright infusion of mint.  To top it off we add tiny bits of nutty cocoa nibs to give it a special crunch.  This chocolate candy bar is very popular and it might be because it is reminiscent of our childhood when we would gobble down entire sleeves of girl scout Thin Mint cookies.  We, at Sulpice Chocolat, captured the familiar flavor combination by using our extra special premium dark chocolate.  

We then paint each of these mint chocolate candy bars with a bright emerald green marbleized design.  The vibrant color and natural shine serves to enhance the total experience of this dark chocolate bar and the combination of beauty and flavor make this mint chocolate candy bar an extra special treat that is sure to please everyone.

dark chocolate bars with mint

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