Chocolate Milk Helps Muscle Recovery

Wow!  There is a new study out that shows that chocolate milk helps you recover after a work out faster than traditional sports drinks.  Both drinks do a great job of hydrating you and replenishing the glycogen levels in tired muscles.  However, since chocolate milk also contains proteins this drink was able to speed up the body's ability to repair its muscles.  

“Your muscle protein is made of amino acids,” William Lunn, assistant professor of exercise science at Southern Connecticut State University says, “and because milk provides these amino acids, it’s incorporated into the body’s muscles. No one had shown this before in the context of recovery from endurance exercise. Most of the previous researchers had simply looked at whether milk or chocolate milk could replenish the glycogen.”

This study mainly shows that you need both carbohydrates and proteins to recover after a workout, but I think it has something to do with having a little bit of chocolate afterward. I wonder if this means that eating Sulpice Chocolat after a workout would have any affect on the body.

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