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In Defense of Chocolate Milk

As many of you may have heard, there has been a lot on controversy lately revolving around chocolate milk served in school cafeterias.  While I can understand concerns over additional sugar in chocolate milk, its next to impossible to deny the lunch time staple's benefit in a child's diet.  To begin, there is a growing number of children that will not drink anything other than intensely sweet sodas and artificially sweetened juice drinks.  For these children, chocolate milk may be a delicious and relatively simple way to ween them away from the nutritionally void beverages they are used to and help them to make smarter decisions when it comes to their lunches. Because, as many of you know, chocolate milk served in school cafeterias is a fat-free beverage brimming with calcium, vitamin D protein and a host of other essential nutrients. 

Additionally, the allure of chocolate milk will keep children choosing the nutritious beverage over other less beneficial soft drinks.  Overall, the benefits of chocolate far outweigh the costs to children if it is removed from school cafeterias.

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