Why We Paint Our Chocolate

We, here at Sulpice Chocolat, get asked pretty often about why we paint our chocolate into tiny works of art.  Well, its because we think that it really adds to the overall experience.  Have you ever noticed that you enjoy your food more in a fancy restaurant with great atmosphere and beautiful plate presentation?  Well, that is in part due to the fact that we eat with our eyes even before it touches our mouth.  So, we thought we would make a chocolate bar that appeals you all of your senses not just your sense of taste.  Afterall, who couldn't use a little extra art and beauty in their life?

When we started making our chocolate we knew immediately that when it comes to enjoying chocolate, our exquisite flavors would be elevated by the chocolate bars' visual allure.  So, we wanted to decorate them and we found that by doing so it helped to enhance everyone's total enjoyment.  So, that before anyone enjoyed their first bite they would know that this experience will be different, special.  This artistry delights the eye and sets our truly unique, painted chocolate bar apart from all else. 

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