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Featured Dark Chocolate Candy Bar: Épicé - Our Spicy Chocolate Bar

We at Sulpice™ Chocolat want to feature one of our most popular dark chocolate bars - Épicé.  This bar is one of my personal favorites as it perfectly balances rich, indulgent dark chocolate with cinnamon and two types of chilis.  The secret behind our super premium chocolate is our use of the best cacao beans available, the criollo and trinitario cacao beans because the best beans make the best chocolate.  These beans make the most decadent chocolate when carefully sweetened with just enough sugar to round out the chocolate's various flavor notes.  

Hints of Ceylon cinnamon, chipotle and cayenne chili peppers give this bar a special flare that complements the chocolates natural flavor without being overwhelming.  We then paint the chocolate a beautiful, vibrant, pattern of swirled ruby red to delight your eye and make the overall experience of Sulpice™ Chocolat more enjoyable.  Ultimately, creating a uniquely gourmet treat to be enjoyed whenever you are in the mood for the familiar feeling of euphoria that only chocolate can provide. 

We invite you to try the delicious Sulpice™ Chocolat Épicé dark chocolate bar and taste for yourself.

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