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Dark Chocolate May Guard Against Brain Injury from Stroke

New research conducted by doctors of anesthesiology and critical care medicine and pharmacology and molecular sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, may suggest that a primary component of dark chocolate, epicatechin, may protect against the damages associated with a stroke. Currently, the amounts of dark chocolate consumed to prevent against the damages of a stroke are unclear. However, Sylvain Doré, Ph.D. hopes his research will provide clear insights stroke and possibly Alzheimer’s prevention.

healthy dark chocolate barsScientists became intrigued by the idea of dark chocolate and epicatechin being good for the heart after noticing that the Kuna Indians of coastal Panama had low occurrences of cardiovascular disease. It was later determined that this was due to the people’s environment and the fact that they regularly drank a dark chocolate and molasses drink that was high in epicatechin, a flavanoid-related compound.

The new study was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health and the American Heart and Stroke Association.

Other Johns Hopkins researchers on the study include Zahoor A. Shah, Ph.D.; Rung-chi Li, Ph.D.; Abdullah S. Ahmad, Ph.D.; Thomas W. Kensler, Ph.D.; and Shyam Biswal, Ph.D.

For further information please read the full article at: ChemInfo

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