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3 Easy Tips for Healthy Snacks for Kids

healthy snacks for kids
The best healthy snacks for kids are any healthy snacks your kids will not only eat, but enjoy. Now the trick is getting them to try them in the first place.
Fruit & veggies cut into fun shapes – This one is fun for everyone. Instead of the usual fruit and veggie chunks, you can buy metal cookie cutters pretty cheap and cut out fun shapes like stars and hearts. For a bit of protein, you can try this same trick with pieces of an omelet. It’s a nice way to brighten both your kids and your day with a happy, healthy snack.

 Let your kids help cook healthy snacks and meals – I’ve noticed that my son is much more likely to eat healthy snacks when he helps me to cook. Whether its adding cheese to his favorite quesadilla or stirring, if he helps “cook” he is usually more excited to eat.
Healthy Snacks for Kids
Hide healthy ingredients in their favorite foods - this one is my favorite and the inspiration behind Better Bites. Although it’s best to teach kids to enjoy healthy foods in all its forms, sometimes we just have to be real and realize kids are kids. Some days my kids love raisins and some days they will throw them across the floor.
I hope that these easy healthy snack ideas help you and your family as much as they do ours. Please let me know if they worked for you or if you have any ideas that work for your family.
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photo credit: flickr user: Anathea Utely
photo credit: flickr user: Joy

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